Very nice. Will have to come back for a visit when I get all my lapsed chores suitably hidden – been offline for months but no one sequestered my pen and I still have paper about the place.

Dread Poets Sobriety

Good morrow chaps and chapettes and chapsticks, you know who you are.

An analogy I’ve been mentally kicking the tires on of late goes as follows; life is like playdough session. Having never been partial to boxed chocolates one must extrapolate.

Anyway, let’s consider, your parents, (guardians whatever), provide you with what is essentially an arbitrary amount of materials and their corresponding consistencies. Perhaps you’re granted a vast sum of endless colours with perfect chemical makeup. More likely however, it will be of limited supply and perhaps a little dry or mealy.

You then shape your materials based upon your surroundings and any tools you may have been given, before determining how long or even whether to let “dry”. Perhaps that’s not even up to you, or maybe you’re very confidant and fire it, a solid piece but the more set the more difficult to change later.

Finally, you have…

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